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Meet The Faces Behind Land Conservation

  • Coberly Creek Ranch

    The financial rewards from their 480-acre conservation easement helped make it possible for families to live and ranch together on the Coberly Creek Ranch in Routt County. Together, they all play a vital role in cattle-raising, hay production and hunting guide services. Read more

  • Galley Ranch

    Stan and Misty Galley have a passion for saving their land and they hope the ranch will be passed down from generation to generation, keeping the land they love preserved forever. Read more

  • Hahn’s Peak

    The Fetcher family has conserved a total of 1,793 acres since their first easement in 1993. The land has been in their family since 1949 and everyone in Colorado will be able to enjoy this scenic property for generations to come. Read more

  • Harris Orion (Lazy H Ranch)

    Doug and Kerry Harris originally planned on developing the 4,070 acres of land known as the Lazy H Ranch when they purchased it in 2011 but time spent at the ranch changed their plans and they decided to keep the land safe from development. Read more

  • Rafter 26 Ranch

    Colorado Cattlemen’s Agricultural Land Trust played a very instrumental role in completing the conservation easement for Rafter 26 Ranch. Lee felt like Cattlemen’s first goal was to “help the rancher” and because of that, they were a great fit for the ranch’s needs. Read more