Tax Credit Connection, Inc.

Buying and Selling Credits

If you’re interested in buying or selling Colorado conservation easement tax credits, simply download the appropriate form below and return it to Tax Credit Connection, Inc.  To register for Tax Credit Connection’s program, you need to complete an application form detailing the amount of the credit you wish to buy or sell.  Generally, transfers must close by April 15, 2021 for use to offset taxes owed for 2020.  Tax Credit Connection, Inc. provides incentives to buyers who choose to buy their credits early. Special rules apply to taxpayers who donated easements before June 7, 2005 or who have a fiscal year that is not the calendar year.  Please contact us for additional information about these circumstances. Early Registration is recommended.

Seller Requirements

Sellers of Conservation Easement tax credits must submit a registration form to Tax Credit Connection, Inc. as well as copies of the following documents:

  • Recorded conservation easement
  • Conservation easement appraisal
  • Baseline Documentation Report
  • Title Commitment
  • Acknowledgement letter from Grantee organization
  • Federal tax form 8283 and its attachment
  • State tax form DR1305

The following documents are only needed in some cases:

  • Mineral report
  • Subordination agreement

All of these documents will be reviewed thoroughly by Tax Credit Connection, Inc’s staff before the tax credits are sold.  For more details, please refer to Page 2 of our Seller Form, which can be downloaded below, or contact staff at (970) 532-9816.

Tax Credit Connection has created a Step-by-Step Guide To Donating a Conservation Easement.  Please click on the hyperlink to view the document.  We hope this will provide useful information on how the process works.  Please feel free to call us with any questions.  We are always glad to help in any way possible.

Download Seller Form 2019 (PDF)
Download Seller Form 2020 (PDF)

Tax Credit Certificate Financial Agreement Application

The application fee to receive a tax credit certificate from the state is now $7,000.  We know it is expensive to make a conservation easement gift and that after paying all of your other fees, you may need some help with the application fee.  We are offering a limited number of Tax Credit Certificate Financial Agreements on a first come, first served basis for landowners who would like Tax Credit Connection to front the money for the certificate application, to be repaid at the time the tax credits are sold.

Click here for the Tax Credit Certificate Financial Agreement Application form and send it in today.

Buyer Requirements

In general, buyers must purchase credits by April 15, 2021 for use to offset taxes owed for 2020.  There are price incentives for buyers to close earlier than April 2020. Please see Buyer Registration Form for incentive pricing.  Early Registration is recommended to ensure credits are available for you.

Download Buyer Form 2019 (PDF)
Download Buyer Form 2020 (PDF)