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Colorado Conservation Easement Tax Credits Reduce your Colorado income tax and encourage preservation. Colorado has an innovative tax program that allows the transfer of conservation easement income tax credits from landowners to taxpayers with Colorado income tax liabilities. Landowners can earn up to $1.5M in tax credits depending on the value of the donation.

Buyer Articles

Buyer Articles Save Money on Taxes by Purchasing Conservation Tax Credits (PDF)  2014 Brings Changes to Tax Credit Transactions – Good News for All: (PDF) Senate Bill 206 Helps Buyers and Sellers HB-16-1194 Ag Lease Bill – Helping Young and Old Farmers Alike Waitlist Options for Purchasing Tax Credits Three Types of Tax Credits for Buyers

Buyer Registration Information

Buyer Requirements In order to qualify to purchase Colorado income tax credits, a buyer must be a Colorado resident, a trust, an estate or a corporation. Starting in 2016, buyers will have a choice of three types of income tax credits – conservation easement, environmental remediation or historic preservation. In general, buyers must purchase credits

Seller Registration Information

Selling Credits If you’re interested in buying or selling Colorado conservation easement tax credits, simply download the appropriate form below and return it to Tax Credit Connection, Inc or just give us a call and we’ll walk through the form with you over the phone. Generally, transfers must close by April 15, 2018 for use

Helpful Links

Helpful Links Government Agencies Colorado Division of Conservation –  See minutes from the most recent Conservation Easement Oversight Commission hearing, apply online for a tax credit certificate, view the list of Certified Holders, read conservation easement rules and regulations, and learn the latest on the tax credit cap. Colorado Department of Revenue – View Department of Revenue

Seller Articles

Seller Articles Step-By-Step Guide To Donating a Conservation Easement  Can I Really Preserve My Land and Make Money? (PDF)  Turning Conservation Easement Tax Credits Into Cash (PDF)  How the New Federal Benefits Put Extra Money in Your Pocket (PDF) Can my Heirs Save Money on Estate Taxes? (PDF)  When to Sell Credits, by Lyle Wood Tax Payer Service