Tax Credit Connection, Inc.

About Us

Track Record of Commitment to Land Conservation

We put our landowners first. We know landowners’ concerns; we help you through the complicated parts of the transactions and do everything we can to make the tax credit transfer process as easy as possible. Our team consists of people who have worked with landowners at both land trusts and government open space programs. Ariel Steele, the owner of Tax Credit Connection, Inc. started her conservation career as a land protection specialist in Colorado for Boulder County Parks and Open Space working with landowners on conservation easement deals for seven years.

Experience Ensuring Deals are Sound

You want to be able to sleep soundly at night knowing that you aren’t likely to be challenged by the IRS or the Department of Revenue over your tax credits. Tax Credit Connection, Inc. has professional staff members who are trained in how to spot and correct (when possible) problems with appraisals, conservation easement language, title issues and more. When problems can’t be fixed, Tax Credit Connection, Inc. compassionately informs the landowner that we cannot sell their credits and advises them on what their options are.

$60M in Tax Credits Sold to Date

Tax Credit Connection, Inc. gets deals done. Since our founding in 2003, we have transferred $60 million in tax credits for our landowners. That has helped landowners to earn $48 million they were able to put in their pockets. Our buyers have saved nearly $9 million on their taxes by participating in the program. In 2010, Tax Credit Connection, Inc. transferred over $13.5 million in credits in Colorado and New Mexico.